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Sintered SmCo

General Information

Well known as Rare Earth magnets, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) is alloys of the Lanthanide group of elements, which is first kind of commercialized permanent magnet materials from early 1980’s. SmCo magnets are available in a number of different grades that span a wide range of properties and application requirements.

SmCo magnets are brittle and machining operations should be performed prior to magnetization, using diamond tools. We are equipped to fabricate these materials to blueprint specifications.

SmCo magnets are anisotropic, and can only be magnetized in the orientation direction. In general, magnetizing fields of about 35 to 45 kOe are required to saturate SmCo materials.


We are able to manufacture metal and other components of finished sub assemblies using our CNC machining facilities.

Assemblies can be fabricated by adhering magnets with adhesives to suit a range of environments, by mechanically fastening magnets, or by a combination of these methods. Due to the relatively brittle nature of these magnet materials,press fits are not recommended.

When multiple magnets are assembled in repelling positions, it is advisable to use mechanical fastening in addition to adhesives, since if adhesives were to give way, repelling magnets may dislodge and endanger personnel using them. Our design engineering team will be happy to assist you in designing both magnetic circuits and housings for your magnet assemblies.

Surface Treatments

The corrosion resistance of SmCo is considered good . Coatings for corrosion resistance are therefore not generally required for SmCo magnets.However,sometimes we supply SmCo magnets with Ni coating according to customers’ requirements.


SmCo is extremely brittle, and highly prone to chipping and cracking. Special machining techniques, involving diamond-grinding techniques, must be used to machine this material. We are fully equipped to machine these materials to your blueprint specifications.

Magnetizing and Handling

SmCo magnets require extremely high magnetizing fields and special consideration must be given to this when designing complex assemblies, if it is intended to magnetize after assembly. Consult us if you foresee any problems.

SmCo magnets are mechanically very weak, and magnetically very strong. They must therefore be handled very carefully to avoid damage and injury to personnel handling the magnets. Receiving and assembly personnel should be warned about the dangers of handling magnetized SmCo magnets.

Temperature Effects

SmCo magnets can operate at temperatures up to 350 C, depending upon the grade and permeance coefficient. Sm2Co17 materials exhibit superior temperature characteristics as compared to the Sm1Co5 types.


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