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Talent Strategy

Develop ourselves fully, develop our cause fully!

The company adheres to the principle of "people-oriented ", it puts personnel work on center location since the beginning of its establishment and strives to afford a good opportunity to develop their own talent and career. Encouraging people to realize their value in the competition, make the greatest contribution for the company.

Incentive mechanism is a human resource management system aiming to stimulate and restraint the potential of the staff, dynamic competition as the core content: human resource management system, starting with the selection, hiring and training, and retaining as four aspects, through various training and the creation of incentive and restraint, and the mechanism of competition, to mobilize staff, conducting internal reasonable competition, the potential to stimulate staff to maximize their individual capacities, to enhance professionalism and dedication of the staff, enhance cohesion and promote continued development.


Human Resouce

Talent Strategy
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