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austriamicrosystems Introduces 14-Bit Magnetic Rotary Encoder IC with Best-in-Class Device Protection for Tough Automotive Applications 

austriamicrosystems, a global designer and manufacturer of high performance analog ICs for automotive, communication, industry and medical applications, has introduced AS5163, the first magnetic rotary encoder IC specifically designed to satisfy stringent automotive requirements in angle sensing applications where robust IC protection is essential.

austriamicrosystems’ newest automotive magnetic encoder IC incorporates both 27 volt overvoltage protection and -18 volt reverse polarity at supply pins. AS5163 also features an intelligent short circuit monitoring function to protect it against damage under short circuit condition. This makes the encoder IC well suited for automotive applications, such as throttle or gas-pedal systems.

“In the automotive industry with its constantly growing demands with regard to device protection and system reliability, our AS5163 is perfectly positioned to meet these challenges,” said Andreas Pfingstl, product manager, Automotive Encoders at austriamicrosystems. “When developing this device, we put special emphasis on the ease of use and cost efficiency for the user. The AS5163 offers a single-wire interface and, together with its robust protection features, allows system designers to meet their performance and reliability requirements, while optimizing system cost.”

The AS5163 single wire pin can be configured either as a 14-bit digital, 12-bit PWM or ratiometric analog output. In addition, the IC can be customized by the user to cover any system specific angle range. The programming of the desired angle range is achieved by simply setting a start and end position of the rotational movement. This feature makes AS5163 extremely flexible and easy to use in a variety of automotive angle sensing applications.

The AS5163 is operational over an ambient temperature range from -40°C to 150°C. It is available in a small TSSOP 14 package and operates at 5 V supply voltage.



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