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New Family of Linear Voice Coil Actuators Feature Patented Magnetic Technology, Providing High Safety and Improved Service Life

BEI Kimco Magnetics has introduced a new family of Linear Voice Coil Actuators that provides increased safety and long service life. The new family features two patented spring designs based on magnetic, rather than mechanical technology. This technology ensures constant and precise valve position in either the open or closed setting when electrical power is off. OEMs designing products for safety-critical applications such as medical apparatus and other equipment that depend on maintaining a constant valve setting, will find the new actuators an ideal, low-cost solution.

"Traditionally, mechanical springs have been used to provide a measure of safety for assuring valve position," said Mikhail Godkin, BEI Kimco engineering manager. "Over time, these mechanical-type springs exhibit wear and tear, resulting in a reduced spring constant that causes undesirable performance deviations."

The new magnetic designs make use of a mechanical spring unnecessary. Each actuator incorporates either a magnetic ''extension'' or a magnetic ''compression'' spring inside a coil assembly. In effect, the entire actuator can be described as a controllable electromagnetic spring whereby the "electromagnetic spring" is controlled by the current in the winding. Both magnetic spring designs also include stops, which limit the position of the moving coil when it is not energized. When the coil is de-energized, it remains in a set, fixed position.

BEI Kimco''s magnetic spring technologies provide "contact-less" actuators, which utilize fewer parts and have no additional friction, eliminating problems associated with wear-related performance while providing better repeatability and longer live. To best meet individual application needs, customers can specify actuator size, stroke force, stall force, peak force, and other key performance requirements, providing an actuator that is completely customized for the end product.




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