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      SKF Releases New Bearing Solution for Energy-Efficient Vehicles
AB SKF has released a new magnetic sensor bearing for micro-hybrid vehicle applications. This bearing technology is part of Valeo’s Starter Alternator Reversible System (StARS), a micro-hybrid system that provides automakers with the potential to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions up to 25 percent in city driving without sacrificing changes to the overall engine architecture.

SKF Bearing: SKF''s magnetic sensor bearing provides crankshaft positioning information for Valeo''s StARS micro-hybrid Stop-Start system.

The StARS system features a Stop-Start function that turns off the engine when the vehicle slows down below four miles per hour in congested traffic or stops at a red light, thereby reducing fuel consumption while idling.  The system restarts the engine rapidly and silently when the driver releases the brake or engages a gear. 

The SKF magnetic sensor bearing provides a powerful, accurate, repeatable and durable magnetic field.  A rotor attached to the alternator has magnetic sensors attached to it, and the bearing’s magnetic field provides data on the speed and positioning of the crankshaft, making it possible to reverse the current and silently start the engine when needed or shut off the engine when the vehicle is stopping.  This new bearing has also been designed to operate in severe conditions, including high temperatures and high speeds. 

“This new bearing solution is a successful step in our strategy to be a partner to the automotive industry in delivering energy-efficient vehicles. The Valeo StARS system is a good example of how new technology and joint development can achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions,” said Tryggve Sthen, president of the SKF Automotive Division.

The StARS system is equipped on the Citroen C2 and C3 Stop&Smart, the smart Micro Hybrid Drive, and the Mercedes-Benz Class A and B Blue Efficiency models.





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