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Market analysis reports of sintered NdFeB

Dear customer,
We’ d like to send you the most up-to-date information on the market of raw material cost for the Sintered NdFeB magnets in China Mainland.

As you are well aware, the Pr-Nd market continues to slump. The price of Pr-Nd has dropped to the level of Augest, 2006, which is 200,000—210,000 Yuan/ton.

This year, further tightening control over the export of resources continues to be our national policy. The tax rates of Nd & Nd2O3 are
both tentative at 15%. However, some people said there is a greater chance to rise the tax rates. 

The exchange rate of the Renminbi has appreciated 6 percent last year. What’s worse, many experts expected RMB exchange rate might
appreciate by 8%, and it is very likely to reach 10% in 2008.

We are glaring at the current market and would like to propose our comments and opinions as below:  

  • We suggest that you’d better placed the order in the first of this year if possible. Today is  certainly a better time to purchase permanent magnets. Needless to say, the later you place the order, the higher you would have to pay. 
  • As we all know, the use of rare earth is becoming more and more widespread in the 21st century, which indicates that the price of rare earth will go up in the near future, within a greater range of increase. 
  • After Chinese New Year, the price of rare earth and neodymium oxide will rise to past experience.
    In a word, the first of this year is a suitable moment to purchase permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. Would you please value this
    special opportunity?

Thank you very much in advance for your highly attention on this matter. We appreciate your business and wish you all prosperity, and thank you for your continued cooperation and support.
The very best of luck in your business!

Best regards!
Market Department.

Ningbo Hegao Magnetic Technology Ltd



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